Ny bok

Jeg er meget spent på den nye boken til Ben Stoger. Den beskriver temaer som er veldig viktig for meg som konkurranse skytter.


Om boken
«This book isn’t about shooting as much as it is about the preparation, complicated feelings, emotions, and physiological changes that will occur when you are in a competition. Your technical training and talent can take you very far in the shooting sports, and it will allow you the opportunity to win matches that matter to you. Your mental fortitude, visualization, and competition mindset are factors that will enable you to carry through and actually win.The simple fact is that practical shooting matches test more than your technical shooting ability. They assess the professionalism of your preparation. At face value, matches test your ability to develop a stage plan, memorize it, and execute it. On a deeper level, matches test your ability to deal with pressure and control yourself. Honing these skills, these “mental game” sorts of things, are what this book is all about.»

Skjermbilde 2020-03-04 kl. 19.30.47


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